11 Ways To Help Your School Or Office Make A Good First Impression

Unfortunately, the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover” exists because people tend to do exactly that. This fact can be especially nerve-racking when you are getting your facility ready to receive important visitors. However, before you get too panicked, take a deep breath, relax and read on to develop a game plan that will have your space looking good in no time.

Make a Plan of Attack!

The key to making a good impression with your guests is not necessarily to detail clean your entire building, but to focus on the spaces your guests will actually pass through. These places (e.g. entrances, hallways, executive offices, conference rooms, restrooms, etc.) are sometimes called “marketing corridors” because these specific areas are what will represent you to your customer. To figure out what needs to be cleaned in these areas, start at the front entryway and walk the entire path that your guests will most likely travel. As you do, scrutinize these areas and take note of anything that needs special attention (e.g. spots on walls or carpets, areas that need dusting, etc.)

Evaluate Your Resources

Limited time and money?

  • Do as detailed a clean of your “marketing corridors” as you possibly can, given your time and budget constraints.

  • If you can’t afford to get your carpets professionally cleaned, try to remove major stains in these areas yourself by using a stain-removing product or renting a bonnet carpet cleaner from a nearby grocery store.

  • Make sure all desks are neat and clutter-free, restrooms are clean and smell good, and everything is working (e.g. no light bulbs are out).

Need To Roll Out The Red Carpet?

  • Power-wash the front of the building, paying special attention to the areas you know your guests will walk.

  • Make sure your entry matting is in good repair.

  • Clean all windows, carpets, and tiles in your marketing corridors.

  • Give your restroom a full detail cleaning.

  • If your restroom is older, give it a quick face-lift by trading out old soap and towel dispensers for touch-free options. To maintain a sense of continuity, these should be from the same manufacturer (e.g. Georgia-Pacific or Kimberly-Clark).

  • Consider hiring a day porter (complete with uniform and name badge) who can clean and maintain your restrooms throughout the day.

  • Check all your lights to make sure no bulbs are out.

  • Add a signature fragrance to your building. We like the Trade Winds scent from WAXIE’s SMARTCell system.

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