Cleaning Supplies: Industrial vs. Household?

If you own a business, keeping it clean is not just about appearances. It’s also about limiting allergens like dust in the workplace so that your fellow employees can work better and in a cleaner environment. But, this does not mean that all cleaning supplies are equal!

Commercial cleaning supplies vs. household products are quite different in a few ways. Household and industrial cleaning supplies vary in the cost of the item, the size of the item, as well as the strength in cleaning power.

  • Household products tend to be cheaper, because they are made with cheaper ingredients. A household does not typically require the same degree of strength that a public restaurant or office building needs.

  • Commercial cleaning products are meant for deep cleaning. If you are using household cleaning products to clean a commercial building, you just might not be getting everything clean to the degree you desire.

  • Household products come in smaller quantities, but commercial cleaning products tend to come in larger quantities. If you are using household products for a big job, you may be wasting money that you don’t need to be wasting.

  • Because commercial cleaners are stronger and are used for a deeper clean, household products might not have the right ingredients like ingredients for effectively killing bacteria or disinfecting an area properly.

  • Commercial cleaning supplies are oftentimes much more superior than low-grade household cleaning supplies. They usually contain more user-friendly and non-toxic ingredients, sometimes they are green-friendly products, etc. All of these are beneficial to not only your office setting, but to your employees as well.

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