Janitorial tips for back to school success!

Each back-to-school season brings an influx of students, staff, and visitors through school doors. As summer winds down, there are a number of tasks custodians can take on to help promote a clean and safe environment.

Facility management tips from veteran custodians , which include:

  1. Create a workable system. Without a system in place, cleaning becomes more time-consuming, and results can suffer if you're trying to get a lot done in little time. Determine daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

  2. Don't overlook key areas. A custodial checklist should include high-touch areas like walls, door handles, and windows, to name a few, which are prime places for dirt and bacteria to settle.

  3. Remove stains and spills to avoid slips and smells. Address coffee, milk, and soda spills as they happen to prevent stains from setting in carpets, and to keep spills from creating a slip-and-fall hazard.

  4. Take care of cleaning tools and equipment. Maintaining custodial tools of the trade can help schools with already strapped budgets by ensuring equipment and tools last longer.

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